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Free Consultation

No Out of Pocket Costs

We sit down with you and guide you through the process,  We have a very comprehensive written contract that will inform you of exactly whats going to occure.

Legal Advice

Presale Staging and Pricing

Maximum Exposure

Our goal is to maximize selling as many items as possible at the maximum sale price. We will bring in tables, clothing racks along with jewelry boxes. Maximizing property exposure.

Marketing Sale Date and Items

Next Level Service

Classy Cathy's Estate Sales advertises on several media outlets. Taking photos of items and posting them on Classy Cathy's Website.

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Day Of Sale

Digital social media

Promote Sales

Here For You

Advertising the sale on many related websites, Conducting the sale in a professional maner. Making sure buyers questions are being answered and negotiating prices or removal of larger items. If it's a two day sale we keep you apprised of what occurred that day, and what is expected for the following day sale.

Dollar Bills

After the Sale

Total Transparency

Classy Cathy's Estate Sale uses a electronic point of sale.  Because we accept credit and debit cards we can show you what has sold with the price.  Classy Cathy's will give you an itemized report of all contents of the sale. We know you put your trust in us to be professional and detailed.

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Other Services

Next Level Service

Classy Cathy's has companies that would buy-out or clean out the remaining items either buy contacting Charities that would remove items that normally would not sell. Making sure your property can be placed on the market to be sold.


Simple Steps To Get Started

Don't Throw Anything Away

You'll be amazed what people want to buy. They'll buy everything and anything including, clothing, linens, paper items and brochures, Garage Items, Trinkets, Kitchen Items, (food in the cabinets & pantries). Half-used laundry room items, We are the professionals. Let us determine trash from treasure.


Utilities, Insurance & Air Conditioning

Keep the water and electricity on. Verify the home's full coverage Insurance. Also please insure the air conditioning is in working order. Cool customers are happy customers These are required during the setup phase through the estate sale date.

Personal Photographs and Papers, Prescription Medications.

Prescription Medications can not be sold.  During the setup phase we will return any personal papers or photos we find.

Cabinets, Drawers, Closets, Etc.

There is no need to clean up the kitchen cabinets, drawers, closets ect, as we do this as part of the sale preparation.



Company Overview

Classy Cathy's Estate Sales is insured and bonded family owned company. Our company serves the Southern California area. Offering a comprehensive, professional service for complete estate liquidations and large downsizing sales. We know a tremendous amount of faith and trust has been placed in our hands. While representing your estate you can be assured of the highest regard and respect for your life-long collections. Our company is focused on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction.


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